7 Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father's Day Whether You're Near or Far


Father’s Day is almost here and it truly is a great time to show your appreciation for all the dads that have made an impact in your life! Not all of us will be able to visit dad due to the Coronavirus but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate his special day. It’s important that we all remember to be safe as we are still facing uncertain times. However, we still want to make dads feel loved and appreciated for all that they have done for us because dads are pretty amazing and there is nothing quite like that special guy who holds a place in your heart. You still have time to plan something special for him this Father’s Day and we’re here to help you celebrate whether you’re near or far!

7 Father’s Day Plans and Gifts During Quarantine

  1. Breakfast and TV in Bed - Let dad sleep in and make him his favorite breakfast in bed that he can enjoy while watching a game, movie, the news...whatever he wants. He deserves some much-needed rest and quiet time. And a belly full of yummy breakfast food is certain to hit the spot.
  2. Family Pizza Night - Gather the family around the kitchen to make some delicious pizza that everyone can enjoy. But make sure dad gets to choose his favorite toppings! And none of that frozen kind either, we’re talking from scratch where you can roll out the dough and make a mess. It will surely be a night full of messy memories. 
  3. Backyard Games - Get active and enjoy the sunshine with some classic games that he loves. This can be anything from baseball and soccer to a relaxing game of crochet or mini-golf. Fresh air and sunshine are always good for the soul.  
  4. Dad Time - Let dad decide how he wants to enjoy his special day. This can be watching a game, working on the yard, playing a game of golf, or simply taking a nap. Whatever he decides, he is sure to enjoy a few hours to himself. He’ll then be able to reset and join the family again. But it will be nice to have some kid-free time to himself.
  5. Virtual Game Night - Gather the family that can’t make it in person for a virtual game night everyone can enjoy. Some classics are a game of virtual poker (look for a kid-friendly version if they want to join), bingo, trivia, Pictionary and so much more!  
  6. Camp Under the Stars - Set up the tent, grab the smores, and enjoy a night under the stars right in the backyard. Be sure to get some blankets and comfy pillows to cuddle up and stay warm. You can also grab a white sheet and project a movie on the side of your house. The kids will be asleep in no time. 
  7. Buy Him a Gift - Who doesn’t love a gift? Make dad feel special with a keepsake to commemorate Father’s Day 2020 with some of our top gift-giving ideas for him. 

We hope you and your dad find some time together to enjoy Father’s Day whether you’re together or apart. Remember, we are all in this together and will come out of it stronger than before. 

Happy Father’s Day!
Your Yak & Yeti Team
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