9 Ways to Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day - If You Are Near or Far


Mother’s Day is truly a day to show mom how much you care. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably not the only one who wishes to have their mother closer at this time, especially after several stressful weeks. Social distancing is making it harder to be with the ones we love, and yet, we’re still staying connected. A mother’s job is never easy, in fact, it’s the hardest job there is out there, but also the most rewarding. It’s important to make mom feel special and loved every day, but even more so on Mother’s Day. There is still time to plan a little something for your mom this Sunday! Here are nine ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day with mom whether you are near or far.

9 Mother’s Day Ideas and Gifts to Surprise Her During Quarantine

  1. Nature Walk - Get up, move, and enjoy the outdoors together by taking a nature hike or walk along the beach (if they are open). Put the phone on silent and simply enjoy one another’s company while staying active!
  2. Prepare a Special Meal - Nothing says thank you more than homemade food made with love. You can cook alone or cook together. Bonus points if you make her breakfast in bed to start the day off right!
  3. Fun Picnic Outside - Combine both and take your food to go by enjoying a picnic outside and make dining a little more exciting. This can be done away or even in your own backyard. Be sure to set up a blanket and include plates full of delicious snacks or even take-out from her favorite restaurant.
  4. Virtual Tour - If she has ever wanted to tour a museum or travel taking a virtual tour can be a fun alternative until we can all be there in person.
  5. Movie Night - End the day together as a family by watching her favorite movie with popcorn, candy...the works! 
  6. Drive Through Party - Gather the family and have everyone decorate their cars with balloons and signs to show mom how much they appreciate her. Everyone can drive by her place like a parade. It will definitely be a Mother’s Day she’s never had before.
  7. Virtual Happy Hour - Raise a glass and toast the woman who raised you with a virtual party that everyone can enjoy from all over. 
  8. Memory Collage - Showcase special memories with her by gathering old pictures and creating a collage. This can be done in print and then sent to her by mail. Or you can create one online through various free websites and share it with her on social media. 
  9. Give Her a Gift - You can never go wrong with a gift. Make her feel special by sending her something unexpected and unique. From candles, flowers, clothing, chocolates, home decor or anything else that might brighten her spirit!


We hope you and your mom enjoy the day whether you’re together or apart. We are all in this together and will come out of it stronger than before. Be strong, be patient, and stay positive. We will be in the arms of those we love soon and cherish their hugs just a little extra when this is all over. 

Happy Mother’s Day!
Your Yak & Yeti Team
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