If I Could Be So Lucky

If I Could Be So Lucky


“Good luck”

“Best of luck”

“Luck is on your side”

“You are so lucky!”

These are a few of the “lucky” phrases commonly found in Western culture. The concept of luck, though, pervades cultures worldwide. 

In Asian cultures, Ganesh is a beloved deity realized as the, “God of New Beginnings, Success and Wisdom, a Remover of Obstacles.”

His long-nosed, elephant imagery brings happiness and hope to billions. You can find a beautiful Ganesh statue here at Yak & Yeti.

Ganesh’s elephant head makes him special because his large ears allow him to clearly hear the needs of his people with the wisdom, loyalty and compassion of an elephant.

Further, symbolic stories have Ganesh racing around the Universe against his brother with the winner to care for humans. Kartikeya (his brother) road a speedy peacock while Ganesh mounted a mouse. The race began and Kartikeya sped away quickly; Ganesh, though, simply turned and slowly circled his admiring parents. 

When done, Ganesh turned toward the Gods and declared himself finished. The gods were confused so Ganesh explained that by circling the unconditional love of his parents, he had circled the entirety of his universe. 

Impressed by his love, wisdom and parental respect, the Gods declared him the winner!

Belovedness for Ganesh reaches far beyond India’s borders and crosses spiritual paths, including Jainism and Buddhism. From Nepal, to Indonesia, to Trinidad, Tobago and to the Philippines, Ganesh is worshipped and adored for the luck he bestows on believers. Ganesh has even blessed my life.

Recently, unsolicited opportunities arose that have changed significantly the way I am living my life. This has caused me to ponder and wonder, “What exactly is luck?”

Webster’s defines luck as “to prosper or succeed especially through chance or good fortune.”

Do you agree with this definition? 

Do you feel yourself a lucky person? What lucky things have happened to you in your life? 

For me, I have always been a bit hesitant to accept luck as something as simple a case of chance.

Believing in the universal truth of cause and effect (karma) - everything we think, say or do creates some consequence that we must experience now or in the future - luck seems a bit of a cop out when seeking an explanation of a happening in our life. 

I see luck as the ignorant unfolding of the consequences of our actions.

We don’t have the insight into exactly why events are occurring in our favor, yet, they are.

And, I am just fine with that 🙏


‘Til next time,

Be happy

Be healthy


by pjs



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