The Arc of Change

The Arc of Change

For those who have read my earlier blogs, you may recall that I recently moved from Las Vegas to Alaska. In doing so, I went from a city of two million to a town of 1,800.

The day I moved, the temperature was 103 on departure and 38 at arrival.

Six months into it, the choices and life changes have been wildly positive beyond any expectation. And, it is the notion of change I’d like to talk about today.

Perhaps intellectually, we know change is inevitable and unending. And yet, in practice, our minds often cling to a false perception of permanence.

My move made this clear to me in a couple of unexpected and humorous ways. For example, my entire life, I have been an early, six a.m. riser. I love the fresh, quiet peace that comes with every sunrise.

Shortly after arrival, in Alaska, however, the darkness of winter ensued (from 4pm to 10am) and I found myself in bed, often until 11am. It wasn’t really a conscious choice.

My body simply responded to the change - the lack of light. Similarly, my body’s perception of temperature shifted massively.

In the depth of winter’s darkness within the windless valley where I live, walking outside in minus 16 wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as you may imagine. I simply layered up and went about my business.

With the arrival of Spring and almost Summer the temperatures reaching the low 40’s, I find myself walking outside in a t-shirt and thin cotton jacket. Other folks around town are already wearing shorts and flip flops! I am not quite there yet.

In both of these examples, though, the interplay between mind and body fascinates me to no end. They make me aware of just how much our life situations establish a general expectation, or mindset, about how our lives should proceed. Yet, in reality, such expectations are forever shifting due to the inevitable arc of change.

‘Til next time, be happy.

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