Welcome to the heart of our hand-crafted winter accessories!

Let us take you on a journey to meet the skilled hands and creative minds that weave warmth and uniqueness into every piece.

Behind every cozy glove and stylish beanie lies the dedication and artistry of our talented artisans.



In Nepal, women play a significant role in crafting wool winter hats and gloves, through knitting and sewing. Their stories are as diverse and colorful as the hats they create, reflecting a kaleidoscope of experiences and inspirations.

These remarkable women effortlessly manage their households, diligently attending to their families' needs, all while skillfully allocating time for knitting. They gather either individually at home or collectively in groups, synergizing their talents to create their products.

Crafting with Purpose Beyond the beauty of their creations, these artisans play a crucial role in sustaining their communities.

By supporting their work, you become part of a movement preserving traditional craftsmanship and empowering local talent, contributing to their livelihoods, and providing economic stability and opportunities, fostering a brighter future for women, their families, and their communities.

This is Julie, she comes from a community known for a long tradition of knitting that spans generations, with skills and techniques passed down through the years. It's impressive to maintain such a rich heritage in crafting beautiful pieces in Kathmandu, Nepal.

As you can see artisans were busy preparing Santa woolen hats and meticulously packing them for distribution. These skilled women pour their expertise and creativity into each hat, ensuring not only quality but also infusing a touch of Nepalese craftsmanship and tradition into every piece. 

Thank you for supporting these artisans and honoring their dedication while embracing the spirit of the season with a unique, handmade creation.

Your purchase makes a difference!


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